About CIS Packer

The foremost choice for delivery services across the nation. We offer both speeds of delivery requirements. In addition, we include free of cost packaging, write-on slips for the parcels, and efficient delivery system support.
We feel very proud to deliver the best services to our customers in our field thereby witnessing a rapid increase in trust & credibility, with trained & experienced staff and dedicated co-workers. We understand the significance of rewarding employees for their excellent performance to boost their motivation towards work, therefore helping to deliver the best service to you. This also helps us as an organization to grow technologically advanced, boost adherence to the company's policies & proceedings. Thus, we maintain our customer's significant roles, their trust and support encourage us to provide the best of our services.

Who we are

We offer both speeds of Delivery and adaptability within the use of our services. Free packaging, accessible slips to write down, fast and efficient customs clearance system is the hallmark of our service.
We are proud to be a model growth organization in this industry, driven by high motivated co-workers dedicated to outstanding service, employee excellence & continued growth & profitability. We shall reward individual dedication & performance while promoting team building, safety & personal achievement to on-time Delivery, innovative technology & adherence to company policy & procedures. Ultimately we shall maintain our valued Clients & thrive as an industry leader.